Course: Victorian marine licence (boat) and PWC (jet ski) endorsement.

Once you’ve successfully completed this course you will receive your certificate. You then need to take this certificate to VicRoads customer service centre and they will be issue you with your boating licence. No further testing is required.

Course Location

Course Date & Time


Suitable For All Ages 12 Years and Upward

No prior knowledge, study or experience necessary (you may attend the course from 11 years old, however you will only be able to cash the certificate in at VicRoads once you turn 12).

*You must be 16 years old to obtain the PWC endorsement and at least 15 to sit the PWC testing

Course Cost

$140 for Boat and PWC (jetski) or $100 for PWC only (you must already hold a boat licence).

Topics Covered

Safety Duties, Licensing and Registration, Vessel Preparation, Safety Equipment, Trip Preparation, Safe Operations, Towed Watersports, Personal Watercraft, Operating Rules, Aids to Navigation, Vessel Lights, Day Shapes and Sound Signals.

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